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Establishing a Start-up requires immense courage and determination. It takes guts to face the uncertainties, risks, and obstacles that come with entrepreneurship. From embracing the fear of failure to making bold decisions, entrepreneurs must exhibit resilience, perseverance, and a steadfast belief in their vision to forge ahead and achieve success. We actively inspire and support aspiring entrepreneurs and environmental enthusiasts in venturing into startup enterprises within the following domains.


We help set-up paper, cardboard, plastic & miscellaneous recycling start-ups.


We help establish single use plastic and fabric upcycling start-ups.


We help technically qualified youth to establish refurbishing units for all types of electronic waste.


We help astists and craftisans to establish repurposing units to transform all miscellaneous waste into artifacts for aesthetics and décor.


We help skilled worksmen to establish repair units for every repairable goods.

Home Composting

We educate interested households on methods to compost the kitchen waste generated daily at homes.

Our mission is to foster a culture of innovation and sustainability by nurturing their passion and providing essential resources. We aim to cultivate a thriving ecosystem where these startups can flourish, making significant contributions to both the economy and the environment. By nurturing their ideas and offering mentorship, we empower these trailblazers to create impactful businesses shaping a world where business and the planet thrive hand in hand.

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